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What is Backlink – Types & Importance

Introduction to Backlink

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), backlinks play a vital role in the term of maintaining and creating website authority and credibility. Valuable links coming from an authoritative website can give a boost to your website.

In this blog, we will understand what are backlinks and what is the type of backlinks & what is the importance of backlinks.  We will also discover how a website creates its authority and credibility in the eye of search engines using links.

What is Backlink

what is backlink
what is backlink

What is a backlink? A backlink can be considered a vote of confidence. Backlinks are also known as inbound links or incoming links. It is simple as that when you give a link to another site from your site, it becomes a backlink for them and an outbound link for you. When crawlers crawl the site and they find a link which is indicating toward a website, they assume that the website must be having good content.

It’s like someone is pointing at you with a higher post than yours, that you have something in you, other people will consider it as truth. Like when a bad person points out that somehow, he is connected to you, everyone assumes that you must be a bad person like him.

So, this is the definition of backlinks. If there is a good link that can lead you to visibility in the search engine result page then there are also some bad links that can affect your ranking or even they can drag you down.

Types of Backlink

Types of backlink
Types of backlink

Natural/Editorial Backlink:

Natural Backlink, cleared by name you get these links naturally. When you earn a backlink from another website that is giving you a link cause your content is good, will be a natural backlink. There is no other way to earn them, you can earn them by creating high-quality content and with appealing visuals & information.

Manual/Outreach Backlink:

This is the link that you get by effort and a good relationship with the website owner. Imagine if you are a blogger and have a website and another person also has a website, both of you have a good relationship or have a similar content-based website then you can reach out to them via email or any contact type and ask them to give you a backlink.  Sometimes they give you a backlink then they will ask for you to a backlink.

Self-Created Backlink:

It is also defined by the name that you create links on your own. There is various type of backlinks that you can create by yourself such as blog comments, forum signatures, or online directories. However, search engines are now being evolved so they are recognizing the backlink types and treating them in other ways as they should be treated.

Reciprocal Backlink:

Reciprocal backlinks are those when two website owners agree to give a link to each other’s content. Search engines are now being smart, they’re putting emphasis on a reciprocal backlink. These links are also very good in terms of getting higher search engine visibility.

Nofollow and Dofollow Backlink:

Let’s understand this in a simple way. Imagine if I am giving you a link and telling search engines that I don’t trust this site, then tell me what will happen. Obviously, search engines will consider it as a low-value link or no-value link. These types of links are called Nofollow backlinks. Nofollow links contain a rel=”Nofollow” attribute in their HTML code. Search engines don’t pass any link juice to those sites which have a Nofollow tag in the link.

While Dofollow backlinks are allowed and told to pass the link juice to the site we are linking to.  Dofollow helps you to get a better ranking on search result pages.

Importance of Backlink

importance of backlink
importance of backlink

Enhanced Search Engine Rankings:

Search engines consider a backlink as a vote of confidence from another website that has a higher authority than your website. If your site has more high-quality links then it is more likely to be ranked in search engine result pages.  links are proof that your website is trustworthy and relevance & credible.

Increased Organic Traffic:

Backlinks are a way to rank in search result pages. If you have a high number of links then you are more prone to rank in search engine result pages. When a trusted site link back to your website, it also sends some referral traffic to your website. If you have a lot of backlinks, your web pages will get indexed fast.

Authority and Reputation Building:

If the links are coming from an authoritative website, then it will create an authority to your website and it will be considered good in search engines’ eyes. When high-quality website link back to your website then it is like they trust you. Good and authoritative links will help you to create authority faster than those bad backlinks.

Discoverability and Indexing:

Backlinks also help to get your web pages indexed faster. If your site has a lot of links then the search engines will know that your site has some high-value content and search engines will index your web pages fast. Without backlinks, your site will be indexed but not fast as the other site which has more links than you.

Referral Traffic and Conversions:

Backlinks are also very good for referral traffic. Imagine if you have got a backlink from a site that is generating more traffic and you your link in their website then maybe 30% of website traffic will be referred to your site. This traffic will be very beneficial for your cause the traffic which is coming to your site is actively looking for the type of product, service, or blog you are offering.


We can say that backlinks are the backbone or even we can say that backlinks King of SEO strategy. Links are very useful and important in order to get a good ranking on search result pages. Backlinks will get you higher traffic from search engines and also referral traffics. If you understand the different types of SEO then you can adapt them and acquire them in different ways.

This is a very powerful strategy in SEO. It is being practiced for many years and it is safe as long as you don’t use unethical way. To be in the race for the long term you must choose the ethical way to promote and increase the authority of your site.

By using a range of high-quality links, including natural, manual, Nofollow, Dofollow & reciprocal links you can drive more traffic to your website and you can use their conversion and revenue. Links will create a high authority on your site and can give a higher visibility in search engines. Links are like a vote of confidence from an authoritative website. It is a very powerful strategy in search engine optimization.

In the end, the power of backlinks lies in their ability to connect websites, enhance credibility, and propel online growth.

Hope you loved the Blog and gain some knowledge from it. If something is missing in the blog you can feel free to connect us via email & you can also connect to us in the comment section. We will respond as soon as possible.

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